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Dirt Work

Real estate related matters require a thorough understanding and analysis of the physical conditions of the subject real property.  We assist our clients in obtaining, reviewing and assessing all conditions of real property, whether they intend to sell, buy, invest or lend on it.


Our attorneys’ experience on such “dirt work” includes:

  • Review and analysis of title reports and underlying title documents, ALTA/NSPS surveys and zoning reports.

  • Drafting and negotiating covenants, conditions and restrictions, reciprocal easement agreements, use deeds and other recordable documents.

  • Advising on environmental liability and insurance based on the existence of any environmental hazards at the property.

  • Obtaining reports and inspections related to the structural, electronical, mechanical and physical attributes of the property.

  • Evaluating the seismic and other risk factors related to the location of the property.

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