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Insurance Coverage

Businesses and real estate projects can be structurally and operationally complex.  The insurance needs for those businesses and projects can be commensurately complex.  We can assist you in evaluating whether your insurance coverage is likely to provide the protection you seek, and in identifying circumstances where your coverage may be inadequate.


We offer decades of experience in interpreting insurance policies, dealing with insurance adjusters on disputed claims, and, when necessary, handling lawsuits brought by or against insurance companies that refuse to honor proper claims.


Our attorneys’ insurance coverage experience includes:

  • Analysis of policy language and preparation of informal and formal opinion letters regarding scope of coverage for hypothetical or actual claims.

  • Evaluation of underwriting history to determine scope of intended insurance coverage.

  • Communication with insurance underwriters and claims adjusters.

  • Handling of insurance coverage and insurance bad faith claims in state and federal courts and on appeal.

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